Proper Lawn Watering Tips





If buying the right product at a home center was the missing element to a gorgeous green lawn, then more people would have perfectly looking lawns. A picture perfect lush green lawn is simply gorgeous and proper watering, is one essential requirement to maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn. Here is what you need to know about watering your lawn:


When to Water


Watering your lawn early in the day is best. Midday watering is inefficient, as moisture will evaporate quickly at this time. Watering in the evening should be avoided, because it encourages lawn fungus disease, as the grass will remain damp for longer periods of time. Ensuring even distribution of water over the entire lawn is also key.


How Much Water


Lawns in New England require about one-inch of water weekly in the summer to retain their rich green color, and to keep the lawn healthy and actively growing. To determine if your lawn is getting the proper amount of water, RANESCAPE recommends that you place empty cans, such as a coffee can under the water pattern of each sprinkler to determine the amount of time that you will need to run your sprinklers. 


Remember that a one-inch requirement includes both rainfall and irrigation. Using a rain gauge could help you determine whether your lawn needs to be irrigated or not. If you receive an inch of rainfall in any given week, you can hold off watering until it is needed.


Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering does more than increase the water bill; it also makes plants prone to pests and increases maintenance. By choosing and operating a watering system correctly, you can reduce water bills, insect and disease problems, and maintenance requirements. For example, the more you water your lawn, the faster it grows and the more it needs to be mowed.


How Often to Water


Deep, thorough watering encourages deeper grass rooting. If possible, provide your lawns’ watering needs in two intervals per week. Longer, less-frequent watering is more beneficial than watering more often for shorter periods. 



Water the Smart Way

A professionally installed sprinkler system is truly the smart way to water your landscape.  It will add convenience to your life, save you time, and save water.


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Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization program can help you get that dense, green and lush lawn you want without the work.


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