Lawn Fertilization Program


The right nutrients, at the right time develops a healthy and attractive lawn. Although our fertilization program is always customized to meet your lawn's specific needs, our lawn fertilization program generally consists of: 

  • Five timely applications of slow-releasing granular fertilizer, applied at 5-7 week intervals through the season

  • Guaranteed preventative grub control application

  • Acidic soil-reducing limestone application

  • Core aeration which loosens compacted soil, reduces thatch, increases nutrient absorption, and promotes root expansion

  • Weed and insect control applied as needed at each visit, including two crabgrass control applications

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The timing of the applications is as follows:


Early Spring - This application is designed to prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds before they germinate. It will also control existing weeds and provide a quick spring green up.

Late Spring - This application extends crabgrass control through the remainder of the season; controls newly emerged summer annual weeds, thickens turf, and maintains color.

Early Summer – This application is generally a two applications in one. We apply a balanced fertilizer and the guaranteed preventive grub control application. We also inspect your lawn thoroughly for surface insects and weeds and treat your lawn if necessary. In addition, we inspect for lawn diseases.


Late Summer - A balanced fertilizer is applied to maintain a healthy lawn and improve color.  Weeds and insects are treated as needed. In addition, we inspect for lawn diseases

Early Fall - A heavy fall fertilizer is applied to stimulate deep root growth and recovery for summer stress.  All end of season weeds, grassy weeds or diseases are treated as needed.

Lime Application – The timing of this application can be either in the spring or fall. An application of brown pelletized limestone is applied to improve the soils pH. 


Aeration – Although technically an aeration can be done at any time during the year. RANESCAPE tries to schedule all aerations for the fall. This allow us to aerate and overseed any bare or thin areas of your lawn. 




Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with your lawn service, call us within 30 days of your last service and we will work to ensure your satisfaction. If you are still unsatisfied after following our mowing and watering instructions, we will return the cost of your last application.


Some of our advantages worth mentioning: 

  • We spot treat weeds at each visit

  • Two spring applications of pre-emergent crabgrass control

  • Courtesy call before each visit

  • Free service calls

  • Prepayment discounts

  • Multi-program discount

  • We have an all natural, pesticide free program available

  • We do not telemarket

  • All technicians are fully licensed and insured in RI and MA.


Our Standard Lawn Fertilization Program starts at $ 29.95 per Application.

  • 5 granular fertilizations

  • Guaranteed Grub Control

  • Limestone Application

  • Core Aeration

  • Weed and Insect Control

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